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Historia ( Rueda )

It is the oldest Wine Denomination of Origin of the current autonomy of Castilla y León; specifically it was created in 1980, and initially circumscribed its production to white wines. The area has an ancient tradition, since there is news of growing the vine since the Middle Ages, especially making red wines. In the Spanish golden century, the most famous wines in this area were golden wines, bred for 10 years, and that came to have a controlled price.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the vineyard area was about 90,000 ha, but after the attack of phylloxera, and the rise of other more profitable crops such as wheat, the cultivation area was reduced.

Since 1994, the production of rosé and red wines was allowed, with the inclusion in the DO of wine producers of the Land of Medina, but after a ruling by the Supreme Court, confirming a previous one of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla and León, in October 2006, was revoked. Side. Rueda covers in its Regulation, from August 5, 2008, the production of red and rosé wines in its different categories of young people, aging, reserve and large reserve, with a great predominance of the Tempranillo variety, also known in the region as red of the country or fine red. The varieties authorized for the elaboration have demonstrated their perfect adaptation to the area, as well as their qualities for the elaboration of quality wines.

Historia ( Rueda )

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