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Zhalbaus Rueda

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An exceptional Verdejo bred in deposit on its fine lees, shows all the aromatic aromatic character, together with a complex and powerful mouthfeel. With Zhalbaus Rueda we will enjoy a good wine for a wide of consumers sector.

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Zhalbaus Rueda of the Verdejo variety, is characterized by an aroma and flavor of herbaceous and fruity nuances, accompanied by excellent acidity. It is original in the mouth for its characteristic bitter touch with a resounding fruit expression. A set of qualities that make it a very harmonious wine.

For the elaboration of the Zhalbaus Rueda the native grape of the denomination is used, the Verdejo variety that is the one that occupies the greatest surface. It is perfectly adapted to the continental climate and a gravelly soil. The introduction in Spain of this variety is attributed to the Mozarabs. Without having written testimonies, it is believed that the origin of this crop, in this area, dates back to the eleventh century with the reign of Alfonso VI coinciding with the repopulation, also by Mozarabs, of the Duero river basin.

It is a wine that after three months acquires a slightly yellow color with a greenish hue of youth, with a fresh and fruity aroma and palate. It is a wine without aging, of the harvest, capable of showing its best primary aromas, powerful and elegant.



- View

   In view it presents a straw yellow color.

- Nose

   On the nose it presents with aroma green fruit, apple, citrus.

- Mouth

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